Monday, March 17, 2008

Canada Day 6: GO CANUCKS GO!!!!

We went back over to Granville Island today on the the ferry, and had a lovely meal, and then came back to BC Place for an hour at the fair, but none of that is really all that exciting - you want to read about the GAME, right??? :)

Oh it was so so so so so so good!!!!

We had all our Canucks gear on by 4pm, ("we" being me, Connor, Furry and Fin the puppet :)) and were raring to go, but the doors don't open till 6 so we tapped our feet impatiently for a while....

Eventually it was time to walk on up there. It was a great atmosphere with loads of other walking Canucks jerseys descending upon the stadium. Even all the staff in our hotel had their jerseys on - from the concierge to the ultra smart girls behind the reception desk.

I got my camera through security on the promise that I would use it in the game, just during the warm up skate, which suited me just fine as during the game I want to watch the game :)

Connor met up with Fin, had a little punch up with him (which he assures me Fin started), and got his puppet signed. Fin also popped by to see Cons in his seat later and handed him a signed pic, "to Connor love from Fin", which was cool :)

I got tons of really cool pics in the warm up, which I was really pleased with. I especially love the ones of Burr, Lui and Nazzy.

The game itself was everything you could want to see (unless you were a Coyotes fan lol). We won it. 3-1. But it was so much more than the scoreline (although I won't deny those 2 points came in mighty handy)

For a start we saw the first points from the twins for some time, hopefully getting the proverbial monkeys off their identical backs. And it was also the end of a fair old drought for Taylor Pyatt.

We showed some toughness too, and stood up for ourselves well. Rick Rypien took down Daniel Carcillo with surprising ease given the weight differential and Carcillo's rep. And even Henrik had a bit of a set to (with Carcillo again) and didn't look like a little kid being bullied.

The only downside was that young Mason Raymond took a nasty bump on his knee, I saw him down on the ice for a while, but he then got up and skated off under his own steam, so I was hopeful it wasn't serious. Word is, though, that he will be out for 4 weeks :(

All in all, it was an entertaining game, which addressed a lot of common complaints about the team - that we are soft, and can't score, and rely too much on Luongo. Let's just hope we can keep it up!

Oh, and I saw Ryan Kesler, for REAL :D

Bloody hell that boy can skate!!! It'd take more than Chris Pronger trying to chop his foot off to slow my man down :D

I met some other Kes nuts too - and somewhat drunkenly insisted on a group photo. They didn't seem to mind though :)

I walked back to the hotel after the game, hoarse from shouting, happy as can be, and making Fin the puppet fart to make Connor giggle.

It's moments like that that make life worth living :)

(and guess who has been having fun playing with renders in Photoshop lol)

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