Friday, January 21, 2011

AJED: 10 pages in 20 days, I'm on a roll :)

I can't believe that I haven't missed a day yet of working in my journal for at least 10 minutes - and that I'm averaging one completed page every other day - go me!

I had a lot of fun with this particular page, trying out all sorts of new techniques - like toner transfers with a Chartpak blender pen - and toys - like my fantastic new POSCA paint markers.

I also tried out an idea I saw on a blog somewhere - wish I could remember where! - of drawing a rough border with oil pastels before you start slathering paint on top - and then using a sharp blade at the end to scrape off the paint at the page edges revealing the oil pastel colour underneath.  It looks wonderfully grungy - I like!

Close up so you can see the toner transfers (under the orange paint) and the oil pastel border a little better:

The photo is one I took on Christmas Day last year when we (me, my 3 boys, my sister, my cousin and my 2nd cousin) went for a walk in the failing light up to Fortune Green cemetery.  I was kicking myself I didn't have a real camera with me, just my phone, which doesn't cope all that well with poor light.

But if anything, the lo-fi-ness of the pics worked in their favour:

And the "Don't Blink" title?  Well, that is of course a nod to the best Dr Who episode ever!

**edited to add - I just noticed that I forgot the apostrophe on "don't" - how awfully illiterate of me!  Luckily it was a quick fix: 

AJED : 20/365


Kat said...

Lol! Didn't even see the Title on the Art Journal... But "Don't Blink" was the first thing I thought when I saw the pics. :)

Anonymous said...

brilliant LO...loving the white pen work on here,thanks for recommendation.Really like the oil pastel technique must give that one a go.

Chell said...

Wow!!!! Loving your journal.... I just wanted to pop by and say thanks for popping by my blog and your comment... I am so in the starting out stages but I am enjoying the journey... Thanks again xxx

Sid said...

Great looking pages. love the heavy colours !!