Tuesday, January 18, 2011

So I've been stuck working from home today....

...looking after Connor and his poorly foot.

To be honest I'm no big fan of working from home, the remote connection to our work computers is slow and keeps kicking me out, I don't have anywhere really comfortable to sit and work for long stretches, and it's hard to concentrate with a small person complaining that they are booooooooooored, or hungry, or thirsty, or all three.

But there's one big plus, I have all my art and craft materials in easy reach during my lunch break - yay!

So today I had my journal page finished by 1pm :)

It helped that it was a quick and easy one - it was in response to the weekly journalling prompt set by Efemera over at UKStampers:

Your prompt word this week is.... Schooldays
1 Jot down 10 random things about your schooldays.
2 Use lined paper
3 Add some ink blots and doodle in the margin. 

I worked quickly without trying to make it look pretty, as I wanted it to be as messy and as "me" as a page from one of my old school exercise books, and I think it worked.

All the "I remember"s remind me of all the lines I used to have to write in detentions!

This was also a chance to finally use the set of teacher's tracing alphabet stamps that I picked up at a boot sale about 7 years ago and have never opened - they stamp horribly but as it's a messy page anyway it doesn't really matter :)

And - as I had already gotten my art journal every day commitment out of the way at lunch, I had the evening free to polish off a Circle Journal page.  Get me!  Mrs. super productive!

Excuse the rubbish photo of this one, the flash caught the copper embossing a bit too bright.

This is my entry for "brown" in the Colours CJ.  The temptation to do my layout on Mr Hanky the Christmas Poo was strong, but I resisted (after all, Christmas is so last month)

Apparently I have "coffee and cream" coming next month....so that would be more brown then?  Mr Hanky, anybody???

AJED : 18/365


Sid said...

Great pages you have crafted Flo !!

Michelle S said...

Gr8 LO's! I'm loving ur journal ... x