Wednesday, January 05, 2011

I'm still Art Journalling Every Day!

Yes, I know it's only January 4th, but I've given up on daily commitments quicker than this in the past :)

The only thing I am failing dismally at is spending 10 minutes working in the journal, today it was more like 2  hours.

Hopefully I will get more efficient at this, otherwise the house will suffer - I have done precisely zero housework since getting in from work this evening.  Ooops!  :)

Not sure if I like this page or not.  I still like the zig zags from the hat out of the Christmas cracker.  And the doodled black writing with the white dots on is OK (that's a new thing for me, I promised myself I would try a new technique a week).

But the inked background just looks kind of dirty.  And it was bloody hard work getting sharpie pens to work over the gesso and inks. And the handwritten dates at the top and bottom just look ugly.

But this is the beauty of this journal, I can try new things, and if they don't work out, it's no biggie.  I can experiment like I would never dare to in a circle journal or something else that wasn't for me.   And for every experiment that goes wrong, hopefully another will go right and I will learn a great new technique :)

Happy journalling all.

PS What's it about?  Oh yes - Project Zero....101 Goals in 1001 Days....started 1st Jan 2011....due to end 28th September this space! :)

AJED: 4/365


AngC said...

Want to know something funny... I love the background of your page... the circles are very cool and I like the way they fade in the middle.

I guess I don't like mine because the colours aren't very me and I went a bit overboard with the circles. Which I find ironic because I like yours so much! ha ha

BTW - I find the best way to write over gesso and inks etc is to use ink with a fountain pen. :)

Lorraine said...

love your journal pages and my fav colour purple too on this one

Michelle S said...

It's brilliant! Love it!!