Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Definitely my favourite art journal page so far

This one had a mind of its own, I had no idea where it was going, I just came along for the ride :)

Maybe that's why I like it so much, I didn't have to work at it.

The background you've seen before, all I did tonight in my 10 minutes was finish it off.

I stamped the cool lil dude at the bottom first - he's a fantastic hand carved eraser stamp made for me by my incredibly talented friend Monika - because he fitted neatly into those triangle shaped holes (these were leftovers from when I punched the pennant triangles for the "thanks page")

Here's a close up - isn't it weird that even though they were both stamped with the same stamp, these two chaps look like they have very different personalities?

For no obvious reason I then got to thinking of my dreams, and how I can never remember them at all, but I am pretty sure they're really good ones.  Maybe these little chaps steal my dream memories?

The big bold title (which takes up the top one of my journalling blocks, so I had to write small to fit everything in to the other two), a couple of doodled stars and the jornalling itself finished the page off.

I think this is the way to go from now on, rather than starting a page with a plan for the finished product already in mind (which is the norm for my CJs) , I think I'll just let the art journal pages evolve on their own.  It's more fun that way, plus it seems the end result works better too.  Who'd a thunk it?  No plan is better than plan!

AJED : 12/365


Sid said...

Your journal is looking super Flo !!

Lorraine said...

love those little men..really liking your pages

Seth said...

I can see why it is your favorite. Amazing pages.

Rosie said...

I like your little dudes! I keep all my handcarveds in a tub together and every so often I go mad on a spread with them!! It's so cool.
Love that big bold title too - I never ever know how a page, let alone a spread is going to turn out!! I'm afriad I am just not that organised!! And, that's a fab background!

monika said...

I love that page. I've always wanted to art journal. I should just go for it and take my advice from you and go with the flo. (pun intended). I too wish we lived closer then I could bob over and give you a tute. My best advice is to get speedball tools. Rainbow Silks have a kit for around £10. I have one of those red handled plastic things that you only seem to be able to get here and you cannot carve with it. I am a bit annoyed though as getting replacement blades is proving difficult. I think I might have to pay some extortionate postage just to get some new ones. Anyway I am ranting. Thanks for your wonderful comments and keep up the art journalling. I love it!