Monday, January 03, 2011

10 minutes per day? Even I can find 10 minutes per day!

So - Santa brought me a lovely little pocket-sized Moleskine journal...

Well, that's not strictly true, Santa brought me some money, and with that money I bought myslf a lovely little pocket-sized Moleskine journal....and that's roughly the same thing isn't it?

So, I thought I'd use it to keep track of my 'Project Zero' goals.... more on that later....and also try my hand at regular art journalling, as I've only barely dabbled in it before.

My plan is to work in the journal every day - not necessarily to finish a whole page every day - some of my days are just too busy for that - but to at least do SOMETHING daily - maybe just prep some pages, slap down some backgrounds etc.

And then I saw a link on Nicole Maki's blog to Julie Balzer's "Art Journal Every Day" challenge, which basically said exactly the same thing - spend 10 mins a day working in your journal in some capacity - perfect!  Even I can find 10 minutes!

And so far this year that's exactly what I've done.

On January 1st, I gessoed up the first 12 pages in the book ready to work on.

On January 2nd I made the background for the page below.

And on January 3rd, today, I added the words, and the sun, and the little houses (I bought that new punch with Santa's money too :))

I'm really looking forward to filling up my little book over the year, in manageable bite-sized chunks.

Oh yes, and before I forget, I hope you all had a great Christmas (I did :) ), and Happy New Year everyone!!!

AJED: 3/365 

PS it seems that 10 minutes a day isn't nearly enough when you're having fun - I was just taking the recycling bins out and spotted an unused christmas cracker hat, purple, sitting on top of the recycle pile all unloved.... and well, I couldn't let it go to waste!  And so I've started work on page 2:


Didi said...

yeah! I am going to spend 'at least' 10 minutes a day with my art journal too. I know what you mean though....sometimes that 10 minutes runs over....usually it does for me! LOL I love your intro page, especially the figures siloetted (even thought I cant spell it) repeated across the layout. Clever!

Nicole Maki said...

Looks fantastic, Sarah.

I noticed that ten minutes isn't near enough when you're having a good time. I think it's actually a trick to get us to pull our stuff out and then we can't resist the magic.

Love how your page came together, especially how you cut out the photo and journaled around it.

And I don't think I'll ever look at christmas cracker hats the same way again - brilliant repurposing.

Can't wait to hear more about Project Zero.