Monday, January 31, 2011

A little diversion from my daily journal....

Tonight instead of starting a new page in my little daily journal, I thought I'd better start prepping some pages in my travel journal ready for our trip to Paris in just 2 weeks!  (can't wait!)

I want to keep up my 10 minutes a day while we're away, but I don't want to be carting bags full of art materials around with me, or doing anything overly complicated while we are there, so I thought I'd prep up 2 or 3 background pages and just take a glue stick and a couple of nice pens and just write a bit up about each day, and stick in a few tickets and other souvenirs.  Sounds like a plan.

So this is the first of those background pages.

It was easy peasy, but I like the way it turned out, even if it is a bit pretty pretty pastel compared to the stuff I usually produce.

I lightly sketched a (hopefully recognisable!) picture of the Eiffel Tower, and the word Paris, and then went over the pencil with masking fluid:

(please excuse my grubby table!)
I washed some watercolours over the word and the Eiffel Tower, and then used the same colours watered down further over the rest of the page.

Once everything had dried, I peeled off the masking fluid (see top picture, this was the fun bit!), rubbed out the pencil lines, and ended up with a nice resist image:

Purty :)

I'm looking forward to finishing this page off in Gay Paree!

 AJED : 31/365


Anonymous said...

what a wonderful effect youve created on this page...reminds me of the the early 1900's Parisian posters.Hope you have a wonderful time in Paris!

monika said...

Oh Sarah, tis purfect. I lurves it. You have inspired me to want to journal you know. I hope you know that you are to blame for this obsession.

Sarah said...

happy to take the credit but not the blame :D


Sid said...

Fab pages and love your masking !!