Saturday, January 08, 2011

Project Zero - goal one ACHIEVED! whoop!

I know I haven't blogged properly about this Project Zero thing yet, I will write up the whole list of goals on here eventually, I just want to get the A-Z Year finished off first blog-wise (I have a mildly OCD-like need to do things in the right order :) )

But one of my goals is to start a daily art journal - which, as you know, because I've been blathering on about it all week, I did on 1st Jan - and it's still going strong - I haven't missed a day working in my journal yet, whoot!

I am planning to make a page in my art journal for every goal we achieve - so this is an art journal page about the art journal, which is slightly recursive (hence the page within a page within a page within a page theming, which was fun to do!)

This was the most enjoyable page to work on so far.  I had fun doodling the background with watercolour crayons and charcoal pencils.  And I also enjoyed carving the "Project Zero" logo stamp (down the left side) from an eraser.  I like the fancy sellotape border too.

So far this year I'm averaging one completed page every other day.  If I keep this rate up I'll have a full to bursting book by the end of the year :) :) :)

AJED : 8 / 365


Anonymous said...

loving the LO - - admire your dedication in committing yourself to this - I wouldnt last a day!

thekathrynwheel said...

Wow, this is great. If you can keep this pace of journaling up I will be most impressed! Good luck with it :-)

Unknown said...

this is the best project and what great memories it will hold.....I love everything about it!

chrisg said...

Wonderful first Journal pages Sarah - love the "page within a page" page. Have fun with your journal and without sounding corny - just go with the Flo! LOL
Thanks for sharing.