Tuesday, January 04, 2011

why Norwich, I wonder?

Blimey, posting date on the Take Ten CJ came around quick this month.  What with Christmas and New Year, time has flown, and I've found myself taken a little by surprise this time around.

The official post date was actually today, but I wasn't finished in time.  A mad scrabble this evening though has ensured that it's now all done, and will be on its way tomorrow.  Good, because I hate to be late with CJs, especially when I'm the host and should be setting a good example! :)

The inspirational prompts for this, Sonja's journal, take the form of vintage theatre posters.  The one I chose was this cool man in the moon.  He looks a bit like Willy Wonka, doesn't he?

I almost feel that it was a little lazy and predictable of me to pick this prompt, as I do night skies so often in my journal work.  And the page I've ended up producing is pretty much typical, almost stereotypical, me.

But I got to thinking - what I hope for when I get a CJ home, is a page from each of the other participants that showcases their own paricular individual style.  So hopefully Sonja will be happy to receive a page that is "classic Flo" :)

This one came together nice and quickly.  A background made from three shades of Glimmer Mist sprayed over embossed celestial images.  A treeline cut from textured card on the Cricut.  A moon face made from airdry clay coated with Pearlex mica powder.  And a title made from die cut silver letters and sanded Dymo'd strips.

The title itself is from an old nursery rhyme - which in full reads:
"The man in the moon came down too soon,
and asked his way to Norwich,
He went by the south and burnt his mouth
By supping on cold plum porridge."

I have no idea when he was supposed to come down, why he wanted to go to Norwich, or how he managed to burn himself on cold porridge.  But never mind, it's a nice little ditty all the same :)

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