Tuesday, February 05, 2008

For those of us who had heard of the Butterfly Effect before the Ashton Kutcher movie

I nearly got myself in bother with this CJ entry. You know how the basic premise is that the book travels around with an unmounted stamp, and each participant creates an entry for the book using the stamp?

This time I got so carried away making my entry, that I completely forgot that it was the butterfly wings stamp that had sent me off on a chaos theory tangent in the first place, and very nearly forgot to use the stamp at all :D

I kept looking at it, thinking, I'm sure there is something missing. lol I'm a twazzock :)

I put my Cricut Design Studio software hard to work on this one, creating and cutting both the chaos star (like all good Hawkwind fans, I have a soft spot for Michael Moorcock), and the title.

The title was cut twice, on deep purple vellum for the shadow, and metallic pale purple textured card for the bit at the front.

The background - which was kind of supposed to represent a hurricane /typhoon type weather thingy, but ended up just looking like pretty swirlies, was painted with Daler Rowney pearlescent liquid acrylics, my favourite paints at the moment.

The butterfly was stamped onto clear shrink plastic with royal purple stazon, and painted on the back after shrinking with more of the D-R pearlescents. It was then attached to the chaos star with wire.

The text was stamped using the Hero Arts 'playful' alpha.

I had a lot of fun with this one (I always say that don't I :) )

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Hazel said...

This is very, very cool. Can't wait 'till you get my journal!