Friday, February 15, 2008

(I had a) Happy Valentine's Day

I had the best V-Day ever yesterday.

Must say, it didn't start off too well, with my best mate having to go into hospital :( Sending her all the love and get well soon vibes in the world...

But the evening time was perfect. I got given lovely pressies, and fed lovely food, and was generally fussed over. And for the first time in 40 years I can say I really enjoyed it, and wasn't sat there saying "bah, humbug, it's just a way for Clinton Cards to make money"


<----------- Here's the card I made for Ian

and here's his pressie ------>

I can't take credit for the fab piece of art, that I bought on Etsy. It's an original piece by a brilliant artist from Brighton called Pam Glew. I love love love her work, she does amazing stuff with stencils and spray paint in a Banksy kinda stylee, but with her own unique twist. Go check it out.

But I did make the frame.

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Anonymous said...

Hulloooo! I found you! I knew there was someone missing off my pals list!
Lovely to hear you have a fabby new guy - good isn't it? :) Love the card.