Friday, February 15, 2008

Friday Fiver - 15th Feb '08

1. Favorite shoes?
Converse of course!!!!
I used to have about 20 pairs of these beauties. Sadly, now I am down to 7 or 8. But I still love 'em.

2. What time does the sun set near you?
Well, that depends on the time of year :) Today I think it was about 5:30-ish, but don't quote me on that, just a guess really. It varies from 4pm or so in December to 9pm-ish in the summer.

3. Do you like spending time in the sun?
Up to a point, I don't like sunbathing, particularly, I get bored, but I do love warm, sunny weather.

4. Do you burn or tan?

It's unusual for me to burn, I usually tan quite well

5. Monopoly: yay! or no way!
a big Yay! from me

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