Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Why couldn't they have Dice and Ice 4 weeks later....

then I could have gone!


I suppose I will have to content myself with looking at piccies

It makes me laugh how they make them wear name badges, if there was anyone in that building who can't recognise Roberto Luongo, then they need shooting!! :D

And Kes has blogged about it too, and about baby-Kesler-to-be:

As most of you know, Dice and Ice was last night and it was very successful and a lot of fun. We dealt some cards, got some entertainment, good food, and all for a good cause so it was all great.

I dealt blackjack and of course, being dealer, I didn’t win… but I gave out a lot of money. I’m not much of a card player but if I played something, it would be blackjack – although it doesn’t really require that much skill. I try to stay out of the cards but once in a while I’ll get sucked in. the guys mostly play poker any way with Roberto being a big poker player and Burr’s really into it too but that’s more their thing.

Last year, the rookies had to tell their best joke, but this year it was a little different. There are actually four of them this year, Luc, Alex, Mason, and Nathan. I see Mason wrote in his blog that he knew something was going to happen last night but he didn’t know what. He and the rest of them had to surrender to a dance contest.

Mason and Mac looked nervous to begin with but Luc and Eddy got right in there. The battle was definitely between Luc and Eddy. It looked like Luc had it at first but I think in the dance-off, Eddy might have been a little better. They stole the show for sure. I think if I got up there, I could win – my best quality is my dancing (of course).

Three more months and my wife and I will welcome a baby girl into our family and I’m very excited. It will definitely be different but it’s going to be better. My wife has been so great through everything. She’s looking as great as ever and at this stage in the pregnancy, she’s barely even gained any weight. She just looks like she’s smuggling a basketball inside.

As far as names are concerned, we’ve been throwing around a couple but we’re not set on anything right now. My wife had originally suggested Kennedy a couple months ago but it reminds me too much of the president so that might not go. I like Mckayla and now she’s saying maybe Rylan but honestly we won’t know until we see her.

We’re all about the pink and brown right now. My mother-in-law has a crib and a room all set up back home in Michigan but we’re not even sure where she’ll be born right now. It’s all very exciting and new to me right now and I’m going along with everything that comes with it.

Great to hear that Andrea is healthy and both are happy. I hope they have a wonderful Valentines Day - their last as a sprogless couple, they need to make the most of it :) Ryan said on a radio interview he is going to hire a chef to cook them a romantic dinner - awww, but I think he should cook it himself, I hear he's a dab hand in the kitchen :)

As for the names, I quite like Kennedy but am not convinced it goes too well with Kesler. Mckayla I like but probably prefer the more traditional spelling, but then, I'm old :)

Rylan, is interesting :) And I have to say over the past couple of hours it has grown on me :)

Love the sound of the pink and chocolate nursery.

Oh it's soooo exciting, I can't wait to see baby piccies!!!! (oh god, I am turning into such a girl)

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