Monday, February 25, 2008

more geocaching...

Darbs and I went to see this lot <----- , Sum 41, in Southampton last night, and very good they were too.

Darby was a little the worse for wear by the end of the night (although the delicious cheesy chips helped sober him up a little :)), so I wasn't sure how well he would react to me waking him at 8am with an enthusiastic cry of "it's geocaching time!!!!".

But to give the lad credit, he got up, and came tramping through the woods with me in good spirits.

We made a TOTAL cock up of finding the actual parking spot for the cache, before we even started the hunt on foot. It was 3 miles from Ian's house, according to We managed 21 miles in the car :D

We were literally going round in circles, we could see on the GPS where we needed to be, but we just couldn't find a road that went there!

In the end we had to get onto the motorway, come off at the services, and then drive illegally up the authorised access only route at the back. I'm sure there must have been an easier way :D

Compared to all that faffing about, the actual cache find was a doddle, from getting out of the car to taking this picture ------> took about 10 minutes.

We had fun though, and Darbs is now keen to tackle some of the fiendish puzzle-type caches, because he likes a mental challenge :)

At least, after my trip to Hawkins Bazaar this afternoon, I have enough cache stuffers to keep us going the rest of the year, lol:

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Anonymous said...

I've often wondered about this Geocaching lark. Well, OK, not often, but I did briefly go 'ooh that looks vaguely interesting' once or twice.
Must remember to go take a closer look at some point, especially since I splashed out on a new Sat Nav this week.