Wednesday, February 13, 2008

"if 25 seconds of hockey, Swindon hockey at that, is "better than sex"....

....then you ain't doing it right!"

is what I was told by my best mate on Sunday night, when I phoned her, all breathless, to describe the exciting climax (do you see what I did there?) to the Wildcats vs Wightlink Raiders game.

But I stand by my statement :)

Imagine, if you will, arriving a little late to see your local team play, to see the score sat at 3-0 in the other team's favour :(

Then within seconds, a goal for Swindon, TOMAS JANAAAAAAK SCOOOOOORES, wooooooot!!!

WTG you hunka hunka burning Slovak lurve, you :)

He obviously saw me walk into the stands and got inspired :)

(when I said that to Tracey, she said "what's it LIKE in your world??" hee hee)

In fact, the whole team must have got inspired because we fought back valiantly and with 30 seconds left on the clock we were sat at 5 all.

Looked like we were going into overtime.

But then, 25 seconds to go, Joel the Goal Petkoff gets one in (deflected off the foot of a Raider I think, but we ain't complaining) and the crowd go bananas!!!!



You'd think that's the end of it....right?

oh no :)

IoW pull their netminder, and, with 10 seconds remaining, Wheats sticks one right in the empty net


Oh Canada :D

I yelled so much I lost my voice





(I don't want to deflate any delicate male egos here, so may I just say, that if anyone I have ever had sex with is reading this? Honey, I didn't mean sex with YOU, obviously, you were GREAT, it was all the other guys that didn't know what they were doing ;) hee hee)


yes, even EPL hockey

even Swindon hockey

especially Swindon hockey :)

Took these pics at the game - didn't come out brilliantly, I need my paparazzi lens really, might take it along this week and see if I can do any better. As always, if you click on them they'll come up full size.

Oh, and don't worry, the goalie got up - look, he can crawl unaided :) :


Anonymous said...

I really 'need' to visit your world!!!! Where are all the piccies of my cutie pie then?

Tracey xxx

Flo said...

that's a good point!

I've just gone through all 50+ pics I took, no Wayne.

They should give our captain more ice time!!!

(lots of pics of #41, strangely....)