Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Official photos of Connor's big night

I love this pic: with his home jersey on and his own stick, Connor really looks like one of the team. Click on it to see it full size if you want a closer look at the boys.

I need to get a print/unwatermarked copy of the team shot.

And also this lovely shot of Cons and Lee:

Also, thankfully, the official pic of him getting his unbirthday card from Willie Wildcat was quite nice, unlike the one I took where he looked positively traumatised :D

We are off to the 'cats bingo night this coming Friday evening, it's cool how this institution has gone from being "just" the local ice hockey team to a huge, important and extremely enjoyable part of our lives.

Dreading the off season!!

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Tracey said...

Hi Sarah,

Lovely piccies of Connor - especially the one of just him and Lee. You should get copies of both in the next week or two - at least thats what usually happens!

See you at the Bingo - Housey Housey!! (Do you still shout that?)

Like you, I'm dreading the off season - I don't see a soul!!!!