Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Poor Pan

I had a real shock on Saturday when I found a big, nasty lump on my lovely ratty Pan. It definitely hadn't been there in any noticeable form the day before, so it had grown pretty fast.

I called the vet straight away and made an appointment for Monday morning, and by Sunday it had doubled in size again..

The vet had a look yesterday, determined that it needed to come off ASAP, and booked her in for an op straight away.

I was worried sick all day yesterday staring at the phone, I booked her in at 9:30am and didn't get the all clear call till almost 5pm.

Touch wood so far she seems fine, recuperating well from her op. Just a little put out that she has been banished to the post operative recovery annexe, which as you can see is a little smaller than her usual quarters.

She keeps peering through the bars at her sister lording it in the mansion next door, and going "squeak....why am I in prison mummy....what did I do?....squeak"

Poor little thing.

In the last pic you can see where they have shaved her and a couple of her stitches.


Alison G said...

Get well soon Panster!

Anonymous said...

Awww. {tiny rat huggles}
Hope she's back to normal soon and it wasn't anything too serious.