Monday, February 11, 2008

Happy New Year!

Chinese New Year, that is. It is now the Year of the Rat, so hopefully that bodes well for Pan's recovery.

Yesterday we went to Southampton for the new year celebrations, with Ian and his youngest and oldest girls (Flo, yes Flo, really, small world, and Rebecca), and Reb's beau Rob. It was a gorgeous sunny day, perfect weather in which to photograph all the colour and movement of the dragon dance and other festivities.

Most of the display was quite traditional, but there was also a lion dance to Soulja Boy's Crank That, which was very cool :)

After the dancing and ninjitsuing and singing was all done, we walked down to the Bargate bit of town where they had a Chinese market with bonsai trees, and calligraphy, nodding head Chinese lions, yummy food, and a great little dragon rollercoaster for the kiddies (big and small :))

It's kind of embarrassing going to something like this with the boss man, it's like being the consort of a mafia mobster :) In fact, I'm sure he's running some kind of protection racket. Huge queue for the noodle stall? Not a problem, we get whisked round the back and served 4 tubs (delicious they were) with no waiting, and, as far as I could see, no money changing hands. The balloon seller slipped young Flo a free balloon with a wink. Straight on the roller coaster, again free of charge, and when Ian was on it it went round 8 times, the normal paying punters only got 4 or 5. Personally I think it's a terrible abuse of privelege and I told him so! :)

There are some more piccies here.

Fab day all round....more to tell later, as there was a memorable Wildcats game to blog also (the 99% of you who aren't into the beautiful game needn't read that post :D)

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