Friday, April 04, 2008

Another CJ done

Well, I have to keep myself busy.

If I don't, I start to worry about the hockey, and that way lies heart attacks and hair loss

(please please please let us win tonight, please please please...or at the very least let Nashville lose. Oh, and while I'm praying to the hockey gods, a win for the Caps too please? and the Wildcats at the weekend. thank you. amen and all that)

I make no apologies for the awful pun on this one - although I'll admit it sounded funnier in my head than it looks on paper :D

The stamp for this CJ was this lovely Asian pear, from Non Sequitur's plate #52:

I would have maybe done something oriental with it, but Hazel, the journal's owner, has already done an oriental piece so lovely that I wouldn't dream of trying to compete with it.

So the bad pun it had to be :)

What bad pun? On the tag at the bottom of the left hand page, which you can't read because it has got the full force of the flash in this photo, it says "can you find the matching pear?"

groan :)

It was basically an excuse for me to try out various different background techniques and play with my inks and paints.

The colour scheme on this one seems a little brighter - my goth phase must be over :D

L-R top row:
plain silver mirri card - distress ink/perfect pearls spray - crackle paint - alcohol inks and gold mixative - more perfect pearls spray overstamped - stickles

bottom row:
pearlescent liquid acrylics overstamped - more distress ink/perfect pearls - the tag - ecoline inks on blotting paper overstamped - silver mirri again (I think we just found the matching pair!!) - watercolour crayons

I think my favourite is the crackle paint one

I was a bit slow on the Ranger Distress Crackle Paint bandwagon - mainly because it isn't cheap, and there are tons of colours, and I already have paint in tons of colours, and good old fashioned crackle medium, so why spend an extra £100+ to get a set of paints that crackle when I can crackle any of the paints I already have?

But I must say, this is good stuff! :)

So much easier than using crackle medium. And it makes lovely tidy little crackles, very quickly too.

I used 'scattered straw' and 'spiced marmalade' crackle paint on the pear, and then rubbed a little 'worn lipstick' distress ink into the cracks. I really do like the effect.

How could I have doubted a product from Sir Tim??? off with my head!!

I really must go to bed now, because otherwise I'll be tempted to stay up and listen to the Canucks game, and then I will be a zombie at work tomorrow.

Just checked the games in progress - Washington are a goal ahead with 3 minutes left to go, and Nashville and St Louis are tied 1 apiece exactly halfway through the 2nd.

Caps - hold onto that lead please!!! and St Louis? I know me and thee aren't usually best of friends, but if you could just squeeze out another goal, or maybe 2 or 3 for insurance, I would be mightily obliged.....

heart attacks and hair loss

must go to bed and try to sleep......

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Hazel said...

I love it sooooo much! I could make make backgrounds all day, too, so I can't wait to see these IRL. I think I like the crackle paint, too, I have just succumbed to a pot as well. Thanks so much for this!