Saturday, April 05, 2008

Friday Fiver - 5th April 2008

1. What song frequently gets stuck in your head?

Usually really annoying ones - I had "Hey Hey You You I don't like your girlfriend..." by Avril Lavigne on a loop in my brain for the moment my earworm is the Utah Saints 'Something Good', which I can live with :)

2. Choose one line from a song that sums up your life thus far.

Oh blimey - that's a tall order!!! Can I take the whole of 'Goodbye Earl' by the Dixie Chicks?

3. Do you have one all-time favorite song (if so, what is it?) or do you skip around?

Pearl Jam - Black, or John Frusciante - Going Inside....impossible to choose

4. How do you listen to music most often (pod, radio, etc)?

Radio in the car, media player at home, or music TV ocasionally

5. American Idol: fantastic show or overrated?

I haven't seen the American one, but assuming it's a little like X's ok.....but sometimes I feel a little uncomfortable when they put people who are clearly not all there on display, and basically invite us to laugh at them.

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Dan said...

Thanks for commenting on my blog! Tattoo looks great :) I've had "Something Good" playing on my pc on and off for a few weeks, coincidence, eh?