Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Challenging myself.....

I was pootling about with my blog today - and I added these cool javascript progress bars to my side bar.

As I calculated the percentage complete for the two circle journals I'm involved in, I realised that in a few short months they will both be finished, and I will really miss them...

I don't get involved in lots of swaps nowadays, after getting a little bored with ATCs, and taking on a big fat book swap that really got too much for me last year, but I do love my CJs, which I have been doing non stop now for nearly 4 years.

Instead of signing up for two more to kick in as soon as these two run out, however, which is what I would usually do...I've decided to fill my very limited art/craft time with stuff just for me instead.

I know I need some structure, though, and targets to hit and/or deadlines to meet, or things just won't get done.... so this is what I have come up with:

  • 15 pieces of jewellery in 2008
  • a page in my (yet to be started) art journal weekly
  • take part in every remaining GPP Street Team crusade between now and the end of the year
  • sign up to one low pressure swap/collaboration (ie no more than one to be running concurrently) because otherwise I wouldn't get to see other people's work close up, which I would miss very much

So - that's the plan, to be reviewed at the end of the year....what do you think? I know it doesn't look like much, but I don't have much free time, and I am a slooooooow worker :)

Off to set up the progress bars now for my new challenges.... exciting stuff...

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tasket basket said...

Your craft goals sound very reasonable. I also like to take my time with my crafts, and not worry too much about quantity. But a little structure sounds like a good idea! I may use your progress bar idea, if I can ever just sit down and, you know, actually plan out my future craftiness!