Friday, April 25, 2008

Friday Fiver - April 25th

1. When did you last get lost?

Oh, I get lost ALL THE TIME!!! A recent classic was walking over to my local pub. It is 5 minutes away, tops, it took me 45 minutes because I literally forgot where it was and walked around in circles for ages :D In my defence, I don’t ever go there. But I do drive past it twice a day and it is right by my house!!!

The last time was earlier this week when I tried to go and buy rubber stamps and ink pads at a local craft store and ended up deep in farm country with NO idea where I was. When I finally found the shop, and told the lady behind the till about how relieved I was to find her, she said “I bet you could hear the theme tune from Deliverance in your ears” lol

2. Have you ever been flying?

Yup – in planes and helicopters. I draw the line at hang gliding. I have no fear of flying as long as I am inside something and not just dangling free :)

3. Who do you always listen to?

The same music over and over, as my media player library is in dire need of an update. It is especially loaded down with Muse, Pearl Jam, John Frusciante, Chilis, Roy Harper, Placebo, and Nick Drake.

4. When does the day feel long?

When I’m at work, and not very busy. Like today. Yawn. Is it hometime yet???????

5. Friday fill-in:
Are we _____ ?
allowed to go home yet????????????

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