Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Love hurts part deux

It's stampy CJ time again.

This journal in the UKStampers circle is "lurve" themed, and came with a swirly heart stamp.

The owner of the CJ requested that we stay on theme, and also work in reds/pinks.

The other entries in the book so far are all very positive, and very much pushing love as a good thing, so I thought in the interests of editorial balance I should redress the balance a little, and remind everyone what a shitter it is when it all goes wrong :)

Cynical, moi??? :D

And it gave me another excuse to use my beloved Cherry Pie stamp of the crying lady.

A little quiz - can any of you identify the quote? I've paraphrased it slightly so you probably won't be able to google it. First person to get it right and leave the answer in a comment gets a prize :)

a quick how-to:

The background is Daler Rowney pearlescent acrylic inks in lilac, pink and pearl white, applied with a sponge over dampened watercolour paper.

Onto the background I stamped some Tim Holtz flourishes in satin red Versafine, and a script stamp in cloud white Versamark.

I chose to use the swirly heart stamp that came with the CJ as a mat for my heartbroken lady to sit on, so that was stamped next using black cherry Stazon, and lightly overpainted with interference red acrylic paint to bring it out from the background a little.

The lady was stamped over the top of the heart with midnight blue Stazon, and then completely overpainted with pearl acrylic, and then once that was dry, with a thin layer of milled lavender crackle paint. Once the crackle paint had totally dried and crackled, I re-stamped the lady over the top using a stamp positioner (I need more practice with that thing - I didn't get her dead on, but it's not too bad). This was my first time trying Dan99's painted mask technique and I was fairly pleased with how it turned out. Maybe a less detailed stamp would look better without the little cracks to distract from it, and crackle paint should be left to bold lined or solid stamps, but you live and learn :)

For the right hand page I made the hand/heart from super cheap airdry clay from my local bargain shop (39p a pack!!! and you get LOADS in a pack too). I cut the hand and heart out with cookie cutters.

The hand was painted with bronze acrylics, then drybrushed with rose pink acrylic before glazing with a couple of layers of clear UTEE. The heart was painted bronze, and then overpainted with a thick layer of fired brick crackle paint. The thick application of paint generates large cracks, which reveal the metallic layer below.

To finish off, the quote was stamped using Making Memories magnetic letter stamps onto strips of burgundy cardstock using pearlescent pink ink.

</end how-to>

As for me - I am happy to report that I couldn't be feeling less like my Cherry Pie lady right now. I took today and yesterday off work and spent some quality time with Ian, and it was wonderful, he is wonderful, and I am happy as can be <3


Chicken Licken said...

That is GORGEOUS! And I love that lady too! I think the quote is what the Tin Man says in th Wizard of Oz isn't it? And I didn't need to look either...how sad is that!!!

Sarah said...

That was quick!!

I thought the context might throw people off - but yes, 'tis the Tin Man :)

I love that film...

please PM me your addy on UKSt and I will send you a prize x

forcryeye said...

Damn, I knew it too...and she beat me to it. If I only had a brain. I love your Dad's imminent mutilation...sounds like mine alright...lets see...his family is originally from Cornwall, how far is that from you? Maybe they are long lost brothers or cousins....hee!

Hazel said...

It looks great! I love that technique of overstamping the crackle paint. And now I need more colours of the stuff *sigh*!!

elliemook said...

what a gorgeous cj entry - love the crakle painted lady x

elliemook said...

Forgot to say loving your A-Z journal by the way x