Friday, April 11, 2008

Just call me mistress

Webmistress, that is :)

Just the other day I typed these words on this 'ere blog:

I am pretty sure that this blog, in amongst all my personal stuff, has the single biggest collection of Ryan Kesler related photos and the like on the whole internet - which is kind of scary - so I'm kind of doing a public service :)

I was pondering this morning the fact that, as Kes gets more popular (and mark my words, he will), more people might end up poking about my blog looking for photos of him / old newspaper articles etc etc, all of which I have on here.

Not only is it a little unfair to expect those people to have to trawl through my diary entries on geocaching, and photos of Connor in cute hats, in order to get to the Kesler material.

But also it's really not organised very well on here.

Photos for example would be better off in galleries, press articles in a dedicated archive, etc etc etc

So.... on impulse pretty much .... I am now the proud owner of the domain name :)

How cool is that???

(and I got for free, which I doubt will get much traffic, given only about 3 people in the UK probably know who he is - and they are all related to me :))

There is nothing there yet, and given my severe lack of free time, it will take me a while to get everything I already have up onto the site.

But by the time the next season is underway, young Mr K will have his very own 100% unofficial website :)

(maybe I could model it on Alex Steen's ROFL)

PS anyone want a email address???? :) Free if you want one :)

*edited at 10pm to say - ooooh, it's just gone live!!*

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