Friday, April 25, 2008

More jewellery - I'm on a roll :) - for Belinda

...and once again, Craftster was the inspiration. I just LOVE that place!!! I've been looking at all the wonderful stencilled t shirts in the image repro section today - oh me oh my (I'm Pinky Pinkerton)- but that's for another day....

So - yes - Craftster - a member called nom_de_plume posted this fabulous cityscape bracelet the other day (she herself had been influenced by the website

And I thought, I gotta do me one of them!

At the same time, I was thinking, what can I make for Belinda - the lovely lady who got us our amazing (and free!) tickets to the Canucks vs Oilers game last month?

Anam put 2 and 2 together and suggested a bracelet for Belinda based on the Edmonton skyline, and we were go go go!!!

Here's a quick how-to:

First I found a suitable photo of Edmonton on the net :

Then I worked out what size I needed it to be in order to create 6 blocks each around 2cm square. As the shrink plastic I was using shrinks by a factor of around 3, I needed to print the panorama out 36cm wide. This is wider than an A4 sheet on landscape setting, so I cut the photo into 2 pieces each 18cm wide.

I printed them out, and cut them into 6 6cm wide sections - and I numbered them to make sure I didn't get them out of order. And then I cut 6 6cm-square pieces of frosted shrink plastic:

The corners of each piece of shrink were rounded, with a corner rounder, it does what it says on the can :) And I cut a template from a post it note, to ensure that I punched the holes for the jumprings in the exact same place on each piece.

The next step was to trace the skyline onto the shrink plastic pieces, I used an ultra fine black sharpie pen:

Then I used Brilliance ink in blue and copper (the Oilers' colours) to colour in each image. I used a cut and dry nib for each colour close to the outline, and a cosmetic sponge for the rest:

Once shrunk, the pieces darken up to a nice dark blue, and rich copper finish:

To add a little more shimmer, I sprayed with a suspension of copper Perfect Pearls (self fixing mica powder) - you can see the flash picking up the mica in a couple of the photos coming up.

Then it was just a case of joining all the pieces together with antique copper jump rings:

and adding a length of chain to each end piece, and a copper toggle clasp (see photo at the top of this post - please do click on that one to see it full size, by the way, it looks naff smallified)

Here is the finished bracelet as modelled by my oldest son (I never realised his hands were so veiny!!)

Chuffed with how this has turned out, I will be making me a Vancouver one next! (and we have a prettier skyline than Edmonton :P)

Edited to add, matching gift box:


Kae said...

This is fab!!! I need one of those :D Off to find my shrink plastic stash...


tasket basket said...

Thank you for the step-by-step! This is a great project.

Anonymous said...

hi there, not sure if you are interested, but at the paper mill shop in the outlet centre(swindon), think it is next to starbucks, they have small sets of Hampton Art alphabets. great for scrap booking and cards. Anyways they are lots of style, they are 99p. There are 30 in the set. Maybe worth a look. for 99p I think they are a bargain

Rosie said...

Flo, thanks for your lovely comment on my blog!! I love this bracelet... it's great to see something unique and read about your creative process too!
I like the pendant with the birdie too!

Anonymous said...

Your blog is a real inspiration, you craft things that I would never ever have thought about trying. great job. I left the message about the outlet centre. So I just wanted to give praise where it is due. And to let you know that others see your work and that I really enjoy your blog

Sarah aka Flo said...

thanks for the kind words, Mr/Ms Anonymous

and also thanks for the reminder about the Paper Mill - I haven't been to the outlet centre in years, and keep meaning to go up there and check it out

~ Mylene ~ said...

Darling, it's brilliant! You are absolutely right, my daughter needs one. Thanks so much for the tutorial, I'll let you know how it all turns out.

Peace ~