Monday, April 21, 2008

I had a fab birthday :)

I can't in all honesty say it started off too well. I was sulking because I had no pressies, and my eldest son didn't even get me a card, humph.

The little'un hadn't got/made me one either - you wouldn't think it would be too much to ask of his dad (my ex) to make sure his son gave his mother a birthday card, would you? Especially since he babysat him for hours in my house which is FULL of card making stuff!!!! I always make sure that Connor makes HIM a card, and either makes or buys him a little present. Maybe I won't bother next year.

And I had seen Ian on Friday but he hadn't brought my birthday stuff down 'cos he said he thought it was the following weekend.

So I moped about a bit, and then drove up to Coventry to see my bessie Alison.

There's nothing like visiting a close friend seriously ill in hospital to get your priorities back in order, and so I quickly stopped feeling sorry for myself about lack of pressies and felt bloody grateful for my health instead.

Shortly after I got home, yeah you guessed it (you are WAY ahead of me!), I had a surprise visitor from sunny Southampton :)

Ian hadn't forgotten my birthday after all, he just wanted me to think he had so he could turn up unannounced, laden with gifts and CAKE, and decorate the house with happy birthday banners, and basically make a HUGE fuss of me :)

I thoroughly enjoyed being pampered, I could SO get used to this :)

(oh - and both the Caps and Flames won! another birthday treat for me :) :) :) Pity about the Ducks though - another year maybe Todders)


ArtKat said...

Oh, I'm so glad that your birthday turned out well after all! Happy Birthday (it's not belated, it's still April 21 here)!

Thanks for visiting my blog! Your H for Hockey page turned out great! :)

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday! :)

Alter Me said...

we must be birthday twins!!! mine was thursday. happy birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Nics said...

Merry Belated birfday..pleased it turned out faboo in the end!!

Anam_Kihaku said...

have a fabby birthday - and you should have said when you were here cos i is very useless at birthday as poor rho will atest to...