Friday, April 04, 2008

and it's over

Oh I don’t even know what to say

I drove into work this morning and ran through so many words and thoughts and emotions in my head.

First there’s “I’m angry that we threw it all away, who can I blame???”. But that one quickly passes. I don’t see the point of baying for blood. I haven’t been on the CDC boards yet this morning – can’t face it – but I expect there are calls for Nonis to go, for AV to go, to trade the twins, there are probably people blaming Roberto. I think our coach is sound (how fickle people are, when he won the Jack Adams he was our saviour......having said all that, there are hints in the media that maybe he isn't getting on with the players too well, but I don't know how much truth there is in that....even if there has been some sort of communication breakdown though, we might be better off trying to fix that than starting from scratch), I think Nonis usually makes pretty good decisions (the Luongo trade is generally considered to be the steal of the century) and will do the best he can between now and the summer deadline depending on who turns up on the market. We were unbeatable in November last year, we DO have a good team. We can make it better by strengthening our forward lines, and resting Lu up a bit. Oh sod it, I’m no hockey expert, I’m just saying what I see…..the team is good but overstretched and tired…..sacking everyone isn’t the answer…..learning from this year’s mistakes is the answer.

Then there’s “I am so so so sorry for x and y and z”, where x, y and z include the young ones who worked so hard (Kes, Burr, Edler – who should all be proud of themselves for their amazing seasons) - those whose seasons were spoiled by injury or fatigue (Bieks, Ohlie, Lu) – and the old guard for whom this was likely their last chance to get anywhere near the Cup, at least with the Canucks (Lord Trev, Markus). Empathy – the curse of my gender. I had to pull over in the car because I was crying so much.

Then I remember that my best friend has been in ICU for a month and I think “f**k it, it’s only a game, nobody died, get some f***king perspective!!”

I’m gutted, absolutely gutted, but there’s always next year.

Now let the guys rest and recuperate

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