Monday, April 14, 2008

Pest control

Those of you who know me well, are more than familiar with my fondness for hockey pests, of the yappy variety.

I am the only Canucks fan I know who LIKED Matt Cooke – so he yapped and wouldn’t fight? That was the point, he was a wind up :) I’m glad to see he has found a happy new home with the Caps.

And there is the wonderful Jarkko Ruutu, one of only three Finns Alison and I were prepared to give advance warning to before our annihilation of Finland, so that they could get their families out (long story)

Darcy Tucker? Love him to bits!

And of course, I have been utterly delighted to see Ryan Kesler develop during this season into a wunder-pest, I always knew the kid was annoying but he has got it down to an art form this year! Kes and Burr together are a genius double act out there :)

Sean Avery, however, I’ve never been that fond of. He seems to cross the line from irritating, to being a genuinely unpleasant person. I still want to know what it was that he said to Jason Blake in the warm up skate that time in Toronto that got a brawl going before the game had even started!

But you have to hand it to the guy for finding, and exploiting, a loophole in the rules last night in game 3 of the NJ/NYR playoff series. Just look at the way he is baiting Brodeur LOL And he couldn’t even be penalised for it as, according to the rule books, he was doing nothing wrong!

Anything (legal) goes in the playoffs – you do what you have to do to win – and at the same time, amuse the hell out of the hockey-watching world (except perhaps Devils fans).

He has gone up a little teeny tiny notch in my estimation now – for pure comedy value :)

(by this morning, though, the rules had been changed – if he does the same again he’s looking at a 10 minute misconduct – fair enough – it wouldn’t be anywhere near as funny the second time)

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Anam_Kihaku said...

ok - the first lot i agree with...

but sean avery needs hitting with a shovel. i like brodeur for having the composure to not flatten him... although i suspect that if after game beers were had, broduer would take him out easily.

although i did like the commentators reaction to it all :)