Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Wow!!! Look what my postie brought me!!!

Out of the blue, a beautiful gift from Sharon, who some of you might know as Magpie over at UKS.

We were having a good old heart to heart last week about some of the stuff I went through last year, and she has made me this little work of art to remind me I can always bend her ear if I need someone to talk to.

Such a fantastic gesture, and such a beautiful medium to pass on the message.

I shall treasure it, thank you Sharon!

Just look at the amazing detail, this must have taken hours to make!!:

Even the back is immaculate:

it really made my day :)

1 comment:

PLO said...

This is just lovely! You are so easy to talk to, I can see how lucky it is to become your friend. Don't you love random acts of mail kindness!?!