Friday, April 11, 2008

Friday Fiver - 11th April

1. When were you born?

1967 - flower power time :) Pity I was too young to join in with all the drugs and free love, huh?

2. What's your favorite photograph?

It's impossible to choose - I have loads of favourite photos of my children, people who are important to me, places I love ... This photo of my brother and sister, taken in the mid 60s, before I was born, has to be right up there though. Check out those tiger striped trunks!

3. What's the longest distance you've run?

LOL, about 100 metres maybe?? :) I can't run to save my life, I look ridiculous when I try.

4. What is familiar?


5. What do you count on?

My family, my internet connection, Tescos :)

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