Sunday, April 06, 2008

Sob, there goes another one :(

This little fella isn't the only sad cat tonight :( ========>

or the only sad 'Cats fan either

The guys played well, but not as well as the Slough Jets, and so Sluff are going to the play off finals in Coventry, and we're not. Simple as that.

I'm beginning to wonder if I should withdraw my default now-the-Canucks-are-done support for the Capitals in case I jinx them..... they are currently holding onto a playoff spot very tenuously indeed.

Maybe I should say....ummmm....who do I hate? Philly for the cup!!!! Ugh, no, that just looks so wrong.

Maybe if I just whisper my Washington ra ra the jinx won't kick in .....stick it to them Ovie!!! go Caps!!!

Anyway - there were happier times for the Wildcats last night, at the annual awards ceremony, disco, party, piss up.

It was my first time at the do - and I must admit I wasn't sure it was "for me" - smart dress, posh hotel, not exactly my scene :)

And when I got there I found I was at a table with a load of complete strangers - like at a wedding - little name plates and everything. No fun. (I should have asked to be sat with some of my pals, I guess, but I didn't know it was going to be set seating)

But it got better as the night went on (purely coincidentally, the drunker I got, the more fun I had :))

The food was really nice - I was expecting very little for veggies, but there was loads I could eat. In fact I would have gone back for seconds but I didn't want to show myself up in front of all the size 8 girls in mini skirts on my table, each of whom ate some cucumber with a side serving of air :D

Connor got very excited because Addie Brittle served him some fish fingers - starstruck :D

The award presentations were cool - Tomas won "supporters' player of the year" - yay!!!

and the rest of the winners were:

Best Defenceman - Lee Brathwaite

Best Forward - Joel the Goal

Most Improved Player - Stringer

Dave Richardson Award for Best British Player - Matty Davies

Coach's Player of the Year - Joel again

Players' Player of the Year - John Wheaton and Fiddesy

I think the whole roster has worked hard this year, and they have each had their star moments, and played some bloody entertaining hockey - well done lads!!!

Then there was a disco, which I successfully managed to avoid by taking pics of Cons with various 'Cats (including of course his hero Lee Richardson, who he hassled ALL NIGHT - thanks Lee for being so tolerant of your 5 year old stalker :))

Oh and an auction for game worn jerseys, home and away, from each player. Connor won Lee's (not easily - there was quite a bidding war on that one), and I got Crazy's away shirt, cool!

Cab home about half past 11, followed by an hour on Guitar Hero with various teenagers and then a visit from Ian (who had to put up with me being very drunk and grabby lol) - all in all a great Friday night.

Pity about the next day's result, that's all.


Let's raise a glass to success in 2008/9!!!!

(there was a pic with Joel P too, but it didn't come out, unfortunately...)

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